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Back In Time is a private agency with the purpose of altering history, solving mysteries, and recovering treasure. We have developed Temporal Insertion, Modification, and Extraction (T.I.M.E.) portals that allow our agents to travel back in time.

These T.I.M.E. portals, however, can only remain active for 60 minute intervals. You and your team will have just that much time to complete your given mission and return before you become a permanent part of history…and we are always in need of new recruits!

If you believe you have what it takes to be a T.I.M.E. traveler, sign up for one of our available escape rooms, put your skills to the test and become an official agent of Back In Time!

Unforgettable Experiences at Back in Time Escape Rooms

Would definitely recommend

I love how the kids had to work together to solve the puzzles. This was fun and challenging with some twists and screams involved. Would definitely recommend for a party or just a fun activity to do with friends and family.

– Danna E. via Facebook
Can't wait to try another !

Do yourselves a favor and try Blackbeard's Treasure. It's a great interactive room and it's very hygienic and safe place to get out for a little bit and have lot's of fun. Helpful and friendly staff make it a great experience.

– Robert H. via Facebook
This was so fun!!!!!!

Techie aspect, awesome puzzles, amazing staff!! Outside looked a bit dodge-y but once inside it was totally awesome! Had a great time! Hope to come again soon!!

– Caitlyn K. via Facebook
Very Well Done!

I like that escape rooms are such a great bonding activity that allow us to think together through and talk about what happened after over dinner. My favorite room so far is The Sword of Hattori Hanzo. I'm looking forward to the next birthday or special event as an excuse to go to another room at Back in Time!

– darcie63 via TripAdvisor
Best Escape Room Around

I have played over ten escape games from various companies and Back in Time is everyone’s favorite so far. The games are fully immersive. Their attention to detail is like no other company I have played before. There are no locks or combinations. The puzzles are much more interesting and it’s not all about opening boxes.

– foxylf28 via TripAdvisor
Excellent Escape Rooms

We have completed two of their rooms and had a great time in both. We have their third room booked for this weekend and can't wait!

– David M. via TripAdvisor