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Escape Rooms near Dallas, Texas

Travel back in time at our Frisco, Texas Escape Rooms

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Frisco Escape Rooms

Stonebriar Center, Floor 1

2601 Preston Rd #1200, Frisco, TX 75034


From $35

Unravel the dark secrets of the infamous witch trials as you step back in time to the haunting era of Salem. Immerse yourself in a gripping escape room experience, where you’ll decipher ancient riddles, unveil hidden truths, and confront the unknown. Can you escape the hysteria and uncover the truth?

From $35

Unleash your inner detective as you unravel perplexing puzzles and unravel the mysteries hidden within this top-secret facility. Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fueled adventure, traveling back in time to uncover the truth behind the unexplained. Can you outsmart the challenges that lie ahead?

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