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Operation: Santa's List

Let the spirit of Christmas guide you, and let the magic begin!

Quick Details

Please call to book for groups larger than 7 Players.

7+ players per person
4–6 players per person
3 players per person
2 players per person

Join us on this heartwarming adventure that celebrates love, kindness, and the joy of giving.

Santa is making a list. Unfortunately, he has found out that one member of your team has been naughty this year. He has placed this person’s name on the Naughty List! Your mission is to go back to Santa’s office at the North Pole, locate his magical list, and get that person’s name transferred to the Nice List before he checks it twice!

Back In Time has agreed to use their T.I.M.E. Portals to transport you to Santa’s office, but you only have 45 minutes to complete this mission while Santa and his elves are out tending to the reindeer. But be careful! Don’t let Santa or his elves catch you, or you may all be placed on the Naughty List permanently! Good luck, recruits!